Premium Australian Wagyu by Delica Direct Meats on Dark Plate

400 Days Grain Fed

The Phoenix Wagyu Cheek (Approx 1-1.4kg)

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Phoenix Beef is produced on Australia’s famed Darling Downs. Renowned as one of the pre-eminent farming regions in the country, its landscape is dominated by rolling pastures, winding creeks, fields of crops and herds of cattle.

Combining the finest elements of Australia’s pristine environment with world class genetics, livestock expertise and feedlotting acumen, each Phoenix Beef brand

It is the epitome of the paddock to palate journey, bringing together the finest Wagyu from specialist purebred and fullblood breeders across Australia.

Raised in some of the nation’s richest pastures and grainfed for a minimum of 400 days on the world-class Grassdale feedlot, The Phoenix 
This Wagyu delivers an exceptional experience for the most fastidious beef connoisseur.

• Certified Purebred & Fullblood Wagyu
• Grainfed for 400+ days
• 100% MSA graded
• 100% hormone-free



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