Beef Rump Cap Melbourne Australia
Beef Rump Cap (1.5kg-2.5kg)
Beef Rump Cap (1.5kg-2.5kg)

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Beef Rump Cap (1.5kg-2.5kg)

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This generous cut has a great flavour and lends a beautiful richness to your cooking. The fat on top of this cut will melt, allowing the meat to remain juicy and moist.

Once they have tried our Beef Rump Cap, Melbourne locals are sure to want to try it out with their family and friends.

Also known as the Picanha cut in Brazil, where this cut of meat is highly prized, you may also see this cut (with or without its desirable fat cover) called a Top Sirloin Cap, Rump Cover, or Round.


Beef Rump Cap (1.5kg-2.5kg)

The Rump Cap Melbourne Locals Love

Rump Cap has a great robust beef flavour, the fat is delicious, and adds juiciness to the steak. Cook it with all the fat on - discard the fat afterwards if you like, but leave it on for cooking.

Beef Rump Cap can be cut into steaks for grilling or slow roasting.

You can also use the Picanha or Rump Cap to make very flavourful burgers.

Trim off the silverskin layer, leave the fat on, dice up the beef, and mince it. You can make the burgers without any other ingredients, or you can add onions, salt, pepper, and your favourite burger seasonings, but we recommend trying it just as it is. You will really appreciate the flavour. 

We love grass. Our Beef is raised on lush green pastures in Gippsland and the Yarra Valley. The meat is hand selected, hand graded, and known for its premium marbling. Delica Direct's beef is a great choice whether it’s for everyday cuts, or lesser-known cuts like the Rump Cap. Melbourne locals can now order this restaurant quality meat directly from Delica Direct Meats. 

Pro tip: Overcooking this cut makes it tough, so medium rare is as far as you should take it to appreciate its finer qualities.



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