Lamb Cutlets (8 pcs)
Lamb Cutlets (8 pcs)
Lamb Cutlets (8 pcs)

Millawarra Free Range

Lamb Cutlets (8 pcs)

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Each pack contains 8 cutlets each
Millawarra Lamb Cutlets are simply cut from the rack - versatile and easy to cook, cutlets are tender and suit high temperature cooking methods such as pan-fry and grill.
Our freshly packed Millawarra Free Range Pasture Fed Lamb cutlets are delicious, juicy and tender. Very Versatile they can be char-grilled, pan fried or barbecued.
Need some inspiration? Here are some delicious crumb ideas for lamb cutlets:
Half fresh and half dried breadcrumbs or seasoned stuffing mix
- 2 tbsp grated Parmesan and some chopped rosemary or thyme.
- Flaky Japanese-style panko crumbs on their own or mixed with shredded coconut.
- Rolled oats and rosemary sprigs, processed into crumbs.
Lamb Cutlets (8 pcs)


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