The Great White Sea Salt Rub
The Great White Sea Salt Rub
The Great White Sea Salt Rub


The Great White Sea Salt Rub

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Wait till you smell this one! Finely ground mixture of sea salt flakes, cumin, paprika smoked, fennel, cloves.

As a dry marinade: rub meat with olive oil and Sea Salt Rub (1 teaspoon per serve).
As a stuffing: Mix 2 tablespoons of Sea Salt Rub with 2 cups of breadcrumbs and 1-2 eggs.

Sea salt rubs make excellent marinades as sea salt helps meat absorb flavour. Meats that have been lightly brined will retain much more moisture. Sea salt rubs also make an aromatic base for stuffing meats and vegetables and as a general seasoning for the table. 

Each Kraft canister weighs 120 g

Ingredients include Australian sea salt, cumin (cumin seeds), paprika, cloves, and fennel seeds.
Dry marinade for meat, vegetables, salads and seasoning.
Has no artificial additives or preservatives used in this product.
Store in a cool dry place.

The Great White Sea Salt Rub


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