Collection: Mince Meat Delivery

Freshly Ground Every Day – Order Your Delica Mince Meat Delivery

Every day, we take some of the best grass-fed beef and produce 100% Australian, 100% flavourful Delica Direct Mince Meat. Delivery happens four days a week, so it’s a short journey from our butchery to your door.

Put it in your spaghetti Bolognese, turn it into pies, patties, meatballs, or chow mein. With natural, unadulterated mince this fresh and juicy, your recipe options will be almost endless.

Mince Meat Delivery as Part of Your Super Saver or Meat Lovers’ Meat Pack

We offer a selection of value packed Delica Direct Meat Packs for our customers, and none of them would be complete without a kilogram or two of our local Beef Mince. You’ll find it in the pack alongside other everyday essentials and special cuts. And if you really want to make someone’s day, you can even send a Meat Gift Pack to someone special.

Premium Grass-Fed Beef, Wagyu, or Sausage Mince Meat Delivery

There’s something for everyone, so have a browse through the range online, and place an order for your first Delica Direct Mince Meat delivery.



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