Turkey Buffé 4kg (Frozen)
Turkey Buffé 4kg (Frozen)
Turkey Buffé 4kg (Frozen)


Turkey Buffé 4kg (Frozen)

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Turkey Buffé consists of whole turkey breast with the first wing joint attached with wings and legs removed.

Whole turkey breast (or buffé) is a delicious and easier option than a whole roast turkey. It yields plenty of delicious moist meat which keeps well for leftovers.

Weighing approx 4-4.6 kg this turkey will be enough to 8-10 people.

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Turkey can be handled, cooked and stored in the same way as chicken. There are no special requirements in its handling

Poultry is fully cooked when a core temperature of 82°C is achieved.

Defrost in the refrigerator only, not on the bench. 

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Turkey Buffé 4kg (Frozen)


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