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Steaks Home Delivery

Rich in omega-3 – our Victorian grass-fed beef tastes better and is naturally better for you. Chuck some Gourmet Gluten Free Beef Sausages on the barbeque, whip up some burgers with our Caramelised Onion Patties or order your favourite cut of Australian prime steak. Home delivery ensures you get fresh premium restaurant quality meat delivered promptly, and at great prices.

Rib Eye, Scotch Fillet, Porterhouse, Rump, Tomahawk, and T-Bone Steaks - Home Delivery Melbourne Wide

We love grass. And if you love steak, then you are in for a treat, because you will find the best cuts available from Delica Direct Meats. Since 1952, Delica has been sourcing the finest local meat to help Victoria’s best restaurants and pubs. Now, anyone can order our steaks for home delivery Melbourne wide.  

Slow Roasts, Stir Fries, Easy Meals, and Steaks for Home Delivery from the Farmgate

From mouth-watering Osso Bucco to the versatile Beef Brisket, we have all your slow cook favourites for warming comfort food or impressive entertaining and the everyday cuts that you need for quick weeknight dinners. Delica Direct’s Beef Mince, Beef Sizzle Steaks, and Diced Beef full of flavour that can elevate a simple weeknight dish.  

Enjoy Our Aussie Barbeque Classics with Burger Patties, Beef Sausages, and Steaks for Home Delivery



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